Sacraments – How We Celebrate

Seven SacramentsThe seven sacraments can be explained through three different types of sacraments:
Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism -the basis for the whole Christian life. It welcomes us into the life of the Spirit and into the family of faith – the primary symbols are water, oil, a white garment and fire.
Confirmation – deepens baptismal grace, opening full membership in the church for the individual, beginning a lifelong journey into the mystery of God revealed in Christ – the primary symbols are oil and laying of hands.
Eucharist – the Body and Blood of Christ consumed through communion, usually at mass. Through receiving the Eucharist we delve deeper into becoming what we consume – the primary symbols are bread and wine.
Sacraments of Healing: 
Reconciliation – celebrates God’s generous mercy for our sins. It calls us to conversion and heals our souls – the primary symbol is laying on of hands.
Anointing of the Sick – commends those who are ill or suffering to the suffering of Christ and raises them up in prayers, it can be received each time a person suffers a serious illness, faces surgery, experiences the worsening of an illness or faces death – the primary symbol is  oil.
Sacraments of Service:
Holy Orders – includes deacons, priests and bishop, continuing the apostolic mission of Christ – the primary symbol is laying on of hands.
Matrimony – binding a man and a woman into a partnership for life and is a sign of God’s covenant and faithful love of us – the primary symbol is the exchange of vows.

Please watch the video: Ignite your Catholic Faith: “Why observe the Sacraments?”
Have your children: Ask each of your children to name at least four people they see at mass regularly and what they mean to them.
As a family: Talk to your children about the people they named whom they see at church who mean a lot to your family. Talk about how it would change your experience of the sacraments during mass if those people no longer came to church. Explain how whether they realize it or not, their presence at liturgy makes a difference to other people. Friends and even acquaintances that see your family regularly are thankful for your family’s presence, just as each of them appreciate those they named. Attend mass together and celebrate your Catholic family.

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