Prayer – What We Do

PrayerThe central insight of Catholic Christianity is the sacramental economy, which is the work of the Holy Trinity in human history.  Our liturgical and sacramental life is the mirror of our belief and one of the means by which our Tradition is handed on to each generation.  Our individual prayer prepares us for the liturgy and extends its celebration in our spiritual life.  The module will consider the liturgy, the seven sacraments, and devotional prayer.

Please watch the video: Ignite your Catholic Faith: “What is Prayer?”
As a family: Create a family prayer with your children using the guidelines Active Prayer Ideas
The prayer of the church is the Liturgy of the Hours, you can learn how
to pray the Liturgy of the Hours (also called the Divine Office) at
Have your children: create a Peace Spiral, you will need to print out the attachment and have crayons and scissors.

Check out our Pinterest board on Prayer for more resources and activities:

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