Morality – How We Live

Our belief draws forth a vocation to life in the Spirit.
That life is grounded in catholic-social-teaching31the dignity of the human person and the communal character of the human vocation, including free will, conscience, virtue, and sin.  Catholic Social Teachings are one way to strive to life a moral life.

Please watch the video: Conscience and Morality
As a family: Learn about the seven social teachings of the church.
Life and Dignity of the Human Person: All human life is sacred and has inherent dignity from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death. God is the source of life, making life sacred. We believe that every person is precious regardless of his life circumstances.
Call to Family, Community and Participation: Families and communities must be protected and promote participation in social life. We are social by nature, since we are created in the image of a God, who is one in three persons.
Rights and Responsibilities: As Catholics, we must consider both rights and responsibilities as connected. Our rights are limited by our responsibility to make sure everyone has enough. For example, those that have much need to limit their consumption, so that others might have something.
Option for the Poor and Vulnerable: A basic moral teaching for any society is how our poorest and most vulnerable members are cared for. Jesus proclaimed that we are judged on how we treat these people. Look up Matthew 25:40 in scripture to see what Jesus teaches.
The Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers: The dignity and rights of workers must never take a backseat to profits. Employers must respect fair wages, productive work, decent working conditions, the right to organize and the right to private property. The economy must serve people, not the other way around.
Solidarity: Countries tend to turn inward and become isolated from the concerns of the rest of the world. In Christ we are all brothers and sisters. Our decisions and actions do affect the lives of people all over the world. We are one human family and must care for each other.
Care for God’s Creation: Creation is a gift from God, and it is an insult if we trash the gift. Having dominion over creation does not give us permission to do whatever we please. We must humbly serve creation.
Have your children: Talk about each of the Catholic Social Teachings and have your children make a list of how your family can live by one of the themes each month. Post it on your refrigerator to remember your morals and values which come from God.

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