Creed – What We Believe

nicene-creed“I Believe” Creed

Through our early church fathers, the profession of faith emerged. This “credo” was not a new belief, but because the church was spreading throughout the world, the bishops wanted to clearly define what Jesus’ followers believed. There were heretic professing that Jesus was not divine or the trinity did not exist. So at the Council of Nicaea they began to formulate the Nicene Creed, the statement of beliefs we still proclaim today. Central to Christianity is belief in the Trinity and Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life. We believe in the Incarnation, the Passion, Cross and Resurrection, Ascension and Second Coming. All these are stated in the Creed, so this weekend at Mass, as you profess the Creed, profess it with a new found love of it’s history and meanings.

Please watch the video: Ignite your Catholic Faith: “What is a Creed?

Trinity Activity:
Have your children: Draw a picture of a tricycle, tripod, triangle and a triple stacked ice cream cone.
As a family: Talk to your children about what they notice as similarities between the pictures. Explain the “tri” part of the word means 3. There are 3 wheels, 3 legs, 3 sides and 3 scoops in the drawings. Talk about how as Catholics, we believe there is one God who is three persons.  We call this the Trinity. It is the bases of the Creed and one of the points that many in the early church could not understand or believe. So they formed the Creed.
Christians believe there is one God, who is three persons. We express this by saying we believe in one God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Trinity! The Trinity shows us that God is never alone, and since we are created in God’s image, we too are never alone. That’s why God gives us family, friends and the church to love and care for us.

One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church Activity:
As a family: One, holy, catholic and apostolic are the four essential characteristics of he church, or the four marks of the church. They define the church and it’s members alike.
ONE: unity with the Trinity, but also unity to other Christians as well.
HOLY: means “set apart from sin and evil and to be set apart for love. When we choose good over evil, we are choosing to be holy. Grace gives us strength to be holy.
CATHOLIC: small “c” catholic means universal. God created the universe and we are called to care for everything in the universe and to be inclusive.
APOSTOLIC: the community of followers that continued Christ’s work on earth after His death and resurrection. The pope and bishops are successors of that work and lead us to keep Christ alive in our word and deeds.
Have your children: Write one way you can live out the four marks of the church:
My life is ONE when I….       My life is HOLY when I….
My life is CATHOLIC when I…..          My life is APOSTOLIC when I….

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